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I've been a pastor at The Journey for over 8 years. Previously I was a youth pastor for 7 years. I'm married to my wife of 19 years, Jennifer. We have 3 great boys: Spencer, Max, and Will.

I graduated from Taylor University (BA) and Trinity International University (MDiv)

I'm pumped about being a part of what God is up to along the lakeshore. We're passionate about creating a place where people are loved and shown mercy and grace; where people are safe to explore and ask questions and not have everything figured out; a place where you can be yourself; a place that helps connect people with a God who is absolutely crazy about them; a place that really impacts their community by expressing faith, hope, and love in real ways - not just lip service; a place where you can invite your friends; where you can do life with others like you; where you can begin to be the person you've dreamed about and live the life that God has designed you to live.


Co-Lead Pastor at The Journey. I love sports with the kiddos, a quiet dinner with my wife, a good book or movie, hanging out with friends, travelling to warm-weather destinations, and sewing (just kidding!)